Secure your new office perimeter

DuskRise’s agentless solution simplifies and extends office-grade security to remote assets and users.

IoT device for ultra-fast deployment

Connected to the home Wi-Fi router, this IoT device creates a new secure network where potential threats are deterred with lightening-fast speed.
  • Simple installation
  • Network segregation
  • Threat detection powered by Cluster25

App for captivating experience

Essential for the device set up process, the app also delivers security notifications and insights to raise the cyber-literacy of the end-user. 

  • Initial device setup
  • Real-time security events visibility
  • Cybersecurity awareness tips

Superpowers for your SecOps team

The security dashboard provides complete visibility of the offsite networks and allows to enforce office-grade policy controls in the remote environment. 

  • Threat landscape overview
  • Remote network visibility
  • Policy management

Game-changing threat intelligence

The DuskRise solution is powered by the threat intelligence research and data analysis from the Cluster25 team.
  • AI for intelligent automation
  • Actionable insights & proprietary research
  • SOC/Siem integration

What makes the Duskrise platform strong:

DuskRise’s network edge security platform simplifies and consolidates existing architecture, unbundling and democratizing security management.

A Secure Network Enclave

Form a secure network enclave, creating a segment you can own and secure on any network.

Network policy unification

Extend and enforce corporate network security to any remote network.

Intelligent automation

Leverage on our proprietary AI algorithms to filter noisy network data and detect anomalous behavior on the spot.

Network-based threat detection

Mitigate threats through effective control and prevention filters with strong detection and response mechanics.

Curious about the DuskRise solution?

Find out how you can secure your organization’s remote network perimeter with a single network edge security platform.
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