Improving the ability to monitor and counter the cyber threats to essential services and national security.

The importance of preventing national security threats

Adopting the Cluster25 Threat Intelligence platform the governmental security agencies improve their ability to gather intelligence and prevent threats to national security. Part of their mission is to monitor and counter cyber threats that can compromise national security and the operation of essential services. The Cluster25 platform enables them to: - Collect and analyze data from open-source sources, such as social media, websites, blogs, forums, and online communication platforms.
- Identify and track the activities and networks of malicious actors, such as hackers, terrorists, organized criminals, and hostile states.

- Produce and disseminate finished intelligence and threat assessment reports to policy makers and other relevant agencies.

- Collaborate and coordinate with other national and international intelligence and security agencies.
– Prevent and respond to cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure and national security threats.

Cluster25 collections cover highly targeted and curated sources that in this way help counter national security threats.

Complete, relevant and accessible coverage in a modular platform

We provides the necessary context and actionable intelligence to detect potential threats and bolster cybersecurity measures, leveraging data, insights and automation.
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