App for a captivating experience

An intuitive tool for security monitoring and insights on existing APTs, attack types, and cyber hygiene best practices.

Frictionless device configuration

The app allows remote workers to set up their device and create a secure connection in five simple steps. The comprehensive interface makes the experience engaging and absolutely seamless, preventing confusion and doubt on the part of end-users.

Real-time security events visibility

To provide a tangible sense of security, we have integrated push-notifications that will inform the end-user of any blocked or anomalous navigation and prevented threats, explaining their origin and potential danger.

Insights that help increase awareness

The human factor is the main cause of 95% of cybersecurity breaches, so when it comes to managing enterprise security, a lot depends on the level of cyber literacy of employees.

We have included a module that will help you educate your employees about the existing threats and best cyber hygiene practices.

Curious about the DuskRise solution?

Find out how you can secure your organization’s remote network perimeter with a single network edge security platform.
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