Millions of Employees Work From Home

The corporate network perimeter has been extended into untrusted networks, redefining the enterprise edge. Employees working from home are connecting untrusted BYOD devices via these networks to directly access corporate assets. This creates an area in the corporate security environment that security staff is unable to see or control.

71 %

of security leaders lack visibility into remote employee home networks

67 %

of business-impacting cyber attacks target remote employees

80 %

of security leaders indicated greater risk-exposure due to remote work


The Platform that Secures Your Hybrid Workforce

The DuskRise network edge security platform provides an additional layer of protection and seamlessly integrates into the existing security stack, helping organizations worldwide minimize the risk of lateral movement attacks and extend policy to remote endpoints.



Secure IoT device easily connected to employees' Wi-Fi router

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App for an ultra fast set up process and cybersecurity insights

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Sleek web-tool for policy implementation and monitoring 

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Actionable threat intelligence powered by AI and in-house research

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Extend security to the edge

Protect corporate data from systems and devices that are located outside the traditional network perimeter with a single platform powered by AI and in-house threat intelligence.


Reproduce office controls

Easily harmonized with your existing security architecture, the solution allows for the same layered security controls proven to secure your on-site locations.

Consolidate intelligence

Cluster25 counter threat intelligence enables organizations to take fast & informed decisions to protect their assets and stakeholders.

Leverage automation

The use of AI algorithms to detect patterns in the noisy data and intercept anomalous activity helps ensure no detail gets past you.


Security Exposure Assessment Powered by Cluster25

Get an assessment of your organization's risk exposure in seconds with Cluster25 threat intelligence.


DuskRise has partnered with Google Cloud's Work Safer program, to provide businesses with everything necessary to enable secure collaboration. Google launched Work Safer to keep organizations of every size secure with a cloud-first, zero trust model. Learn more