Unlock visibility into threats

Gain unprecedented visibility into malicious cyber threats and activities threatening your business with timely information.

1 Trillion $

are the global losses from cybercrime

90 %

of successful attacks against businesses originate from phishing

4.3 M $

the average total cost of data breaches


Modular Platform for Maximum Protection

A modular, enterprise-grade platform that provides the most comprehensive set of cyber threat intelligence solutions and advanced security controls, allowing for tailored protection and scalability for the most demanding environments.

Gain actionable insights

Harness the power of AI algorithms to detect  patterns in the noisy data and intercept  anomalous activity.

Consolidate intelligence

Cluster25 counter threat intelligence helps you take fast and informed decisions to protect  your assets and stakeholders.

Optimize threat detection

Leverage automation to reduce manual efforts and improve the accuracy of threat detection.


The size of the global construction market reached $7.3 trillion in 2021. This figure, along with the vast amount of sensitive data that construction companies possess, is the primary reason why businesses in this industry are increasingly falling victim to phishing and ransomware attacks.

Construction is the number-one industry targeted by ransomware attacks, according to a NordLocker analysis of 1,200 companies in 35 industries around the world that were the victims of cyber extortion between 2020 and 2021.

The possibility of network compromise has especially increased with the global transition to remote work in the aftermath of the Covid19 pandemic. The attack perimeter extended to remote employee networks, which are a blind spot for security teams. Every device used by a remote worker to access corporate assets is now a potential gateway for criminals into the company's IT ecosystem. 

Add a new layer of security with a strong remote network protection solution, powered by Cluster25 Threat Intelligence

We help you replicate office cybersecurity controls in all your remote locations with a network edge security solution.



Secure IoT router easily connected to employees' Wi-Fi

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App for an ultra fast set up process and cybersecurity insights

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Sleek web-tool for policy implementation and monitoring 

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Secure AI solution powered by Cluster25 threat intelligence

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