Delisting Portal

Welcome to Cluster25’s delisting portal.

Cluster25 develops technologies to track hackers and threats in the digital world, including malware, spam, scam and phishing like activities, blacklisting thousands of indicators every days.

Cluster25 collaborates with various national authorities in the fight against cybercrime and shares data with various associations and organizations for the exchange of information.

If you’ve been blacklisted by Cluster25 this page has been specifically designed to apply for delisting. All the requests are placed into a processing queue to verify that the reported asset no longer poses a threat. This process (which requires human analysts’ intervention) usually occurs within a maximum period of 3 months for every single indicator that Cluster25 shares with its partners and requires no further action on your part.

However, if your case is urgent and you wish to request an immediate review, fill the form and we will get in touch promptly.

NOTE: The delisting is intended for all platforms and partners with whom Cluster25 collaborates and may need some effort to meet the minimum requirements.

Apply for a review

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