Support the transition to remote work.

Businesses look to MSSPs to address the new challenges

The sophistication and volume of cyber threats enable attackers to bypass traditional controls. To support customers’ operations, MSSPs should adapt their security solutions to decentralized and remote workforce.

Even before the mass migration to hybrid and remote workforces organizations have been looking to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to help augment or supplement their internal IT and security capabilities. MSSPs bring a level of sophistication to an organization that may otherwise come at a greater cost in personnel or potentially worse, a gap in appropriate strategy and expertise.
As a service, MSSPs are able to step into an organization's environment, monitor and manage the security of various devices and systems and provide in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Leveraging a variety of security products, partners, and proprietary skill sets, an MSSP can offer their clients options on how best to protect against the growing threat of ransomware and cyberattacks.

For what concerns security products, here are just a few examples: firewalls, VPN, cloud backup and recovery, multi-factor authentication (MFA), vulnerably and penetration testing.
37% of global organizations were victims of ransomeware attack in 2021. – IDC “2021 Ransomware Study”

16% of global companies are fully-remote, and 62% of employees say they work remotely at least occasionally. – Owl Labs ” State of Remote Work 2020″

MSSPs tap into a variety of partners for end-point protection, MFA, cloud security, etc. but the one gap that remains is home network protection. DuskRise has the ability to complete the tool kit for MSSPs as they prepare their holistic, SOC compliant security plans for clients around the globe.

Remote network is now the office network

Replicate office cybersecurity controls in all your remote locations with the DuskRise network edge security platform.


Secure IoT router easily connected to employees' Wi-Fi


App for an ultra fast set up process and cybersecurity insights


Sleek web-tool for policy implementation and monitoring


Secure AI solution powered by Cluster25 threat intelligence

Cover the new attack surface

Help your customers understand the post-Covid19 security risks and protect the new layer of exposure with a single platform.
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