IoT Device for ultra-fast deployment

Protect your Business data,
wherever your employees are located.

A secure network inside any network

The threat vector of public and home networks is generating a new host of challenges for security teams. The network segmentation capabilities of the DuskRise device enable the creation of a secure enclave inside any network, protecting remote users’ interactions with their workplace.

The connected device is isolated onto its own micro-segment to prevent lateral movement attacks and protect the corporate network from any compromised endpoints.

Less is more

At DuskRise, we believe in simplifying security for both enterprises and end-users. This is why we have made the device installation process simple, intuitive and fast. With the help of a dedicated product description and mobile app, remote users can manage device set up and subsequent security monitoring for the connected endpoints.

Powered by AI

Blazing-fast threat deterrence

Network metadata analysis helps reveal behavioral patterns, detect anomalies, and prevent intrusion into the enterprise systems. DuskRise’s Cluster25 cyber threat intelligence unit works closely with our AI team to ensure timely threat detection and block user access to malicious assets.

Form factor that makes a difference

The device was designed to seamlessly fit into the modern home or any other remote work location of your employees. Sleek, lightweight and compact, it creates a secure connection to corporate assets from anywhere in the world (and fits into your carry on).

Curious about the DuskRise solution?

Find out how you can secure your organization’s remote network perimeter with a single network edge security platform.
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