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Use Cases

SMBs and larger enterprises are increasingly exposed to cybersecurity risks. This makes access to simplified security solutions with easy-to-adopt mechanisms essential for immediate protection from remote attack surface vulnerabilities.
In the new normal, educational institutions have shifted to fully online and hybrid teaching modes. By adopting Cluster25, they can offer to their students and faculty a safe and secure digital learning environment, reducing the risk of cyber breaches and attacks.
Adopting the Cluster25 platform, the governmental security agencies improve their ability to gather intelligence and prevent threats. Part of their mission is to monitor and counter cyber threats that can compromise national security and the operation of essential services.
Using the Cluster25 platform, the militaries and defense organizations can generate tailored intelligence to inform, operate, attack, defend and influence. The platform offers solutions, investigation support, and finished intelligence, supporting requirements in a wide range of national and public security missions.
The sector of power and utilities is adjusting to the new market reality by addressing emerging client needs through offer diversification. Enterprise-level protection from cybersecurity risks is a service that increases competitive advantage and adds value to both the company and the end-user.
The shift to remote work resulted in increased cybersecurity risks for corporate networks in the air transportation industry. As remote staff members entered in continuous interactions with enterprise IT infrastructure, it became challenging to ensure uninterrupted operations.

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