At a glance

Get to know us better through a series of videos with our leadership team.



At a glance

Get to know us better through a series of videos with our leadership team.

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Scott Chasin - Chairman of the Board

Scott is a visionary leader who pioneers categories in the tech industry and helps companies and teams achieve hyper growth and scale.

At DusKRise, Scott’s input and ideas are highly valued, as he always finds out-of-the-box solutions for any problem out there.

Chris Ciauri - Board Member

Chris has been an early supporter of DuskRise. The incredible market opportunity, unmatched talent and sustainable, positive culture that founded and moulded DuskRise from its very beginning are only some of the reasons why he decided to jump on board.

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Learn More About the DuskRise Solutions

DuskRise Platform Datasheet

The corporate network perimeter has been extended into untrusted networks, redefining the enterprise edge.

Find out how the DuskRise Platform enables corporate security and segmentation policy management, extending
office-grade protection to remote assets and users.


DuskRise Platform Brochure

The boom of the flexible workplace approach has left off-premises networks entirely unprotected and increased the risk of IT security breaches for enterprises.

Get a snapshot of the DuskRise Platform and its components, developed to fill the gap in remote network security of global organizations.

DuskRise Intelligence Datasheet

Threat Intelligence. Relevant, actionable, and contextual.

It's the only way to ensure that your security team is prepared for what's coming next.

The world of technology is changing at a lightning-fast pace, and it's hard to keep up with all the new threats, vulnerabilities, and trends. Leverage DuskRise's cutting-edge intelligence and take action before it's too late.

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AI in Cyber

Did you know that in December 2013, several businesses were attacked by networked home refrigerators?

Today, remote workers access corporate assets from the same home networks where smart thermostats, speakers, TVs, gaming devices, security cameras, light bulbs, and yes, even refrigerators and toasters are connected. So, what do you do when your refrigerator attacks your toaster and then goes for your work laptop? Perhaps AI can help.