On the lookout for threats, 24/7.

Cluster25 Advanced Threat Research team continually probes the Clear, Deep and Dark web to capture new indicators of compromise, emerging threats, relevant adversaries, evolving tactics and targeted campaigns. The gathered insights provide real-time alerts, proactive response, and tailored reports that help secure the infrastructure and assets of our customers, from IGOs to SMBs.



Actionable intelligence at your fingertips

DuskRise’s curated counter threat intelligence, powered by both SIGINT and HUMINT, integrates seamlessly with downstream security controls to actively block ransomware, phishing and other malicious attacks. Our cutting-edge platform helps reduce downtime, data loss, reputational damage, false positives, MttD and MttR.


Complete, relevant and accessible coverage tailored to your business

Dark & Deep web actionable intelligence

Triage tools for SOC analysts

Scalable AI / ML to reduce risk for your organization

Customized detection rules for varied technology stacks

Actionable malicious observables with a STIX / TAXII feed

Disruptive intelligence

DuskRise Threat Intelligence


Counter Threat Intelligence

Nation-state caliber automated cyber defense for Main Street

Today, when individuals have access to nation-state caliber malware, organizations of all scales need to employ the most advanced technology out there to protect themselves. DuskRise operationalizes intelligence by processing massive data sets and detecting threats most relevant to your tech stack, industry, and brand.



Brand Intelligence

Protect your good name

We combine AI algorithms and human expertise to collect and analyze data points across a wide range of sources, including the Surface, Deep and Dark web, mobile application stores, and social media, in order to identify potential risks for your brand, people, and intellectual property.


Fraud Intelligence

Limit or prevent financial loss

Compromised credit cards, bank accounts, and other sensitive data and assets present a high risk to the integrity of an organization, regardless of its size and scale of operations. By harnessing the power of the DuskRise counter threat intelligence you can remain one step ahead of cybercriminals and mitigate possible losses and liabilities.


Industry-leading research

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