The challenges that Threat Analysts are facing

Larger surface of cyber attacks

With the mass adoption of hybrid and remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the corporate network perimeter as we knew it ceased to exist. The attack surface now extends beyond office walls to the locations of all remote employees, giving rise to a new spectrum of security concerns.

Increasing threats complexity

As IT specialists are increasing their efforts to modernize security architecture in response to new challenges, cybercriminals are adapting by increasing the sophistication of attack mechanisms.

Vast amounts of data to analyze

With the larger attack surface and more connected devices at the edge of the network, threat intelligence teams are facing higher pressure and responsibility. Analyzing vast amounts of data, and detecting anomalous behavior before it causes any damage is essential for ensuring security.

The pandemic has led to a 600% increase in attacks against large and small hotels, restaurants, and other companies, forcing businesses to prioritize cyber risk management. This is especially true now that business trips are resuming and work from anywhere policies are being adopted by companies worldwide. Guests are increasingly concerned about the security of the Wi-Fi they use to connect to corporate assets while working remotely.

The hospitality industry is an enticing target for criminals mainly due to their databases, which store gigabytes of sensitive customer data, including Payment Card Information (PCI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Hackers view this as a lucrative assault vector for crimes such as identity theft and credit card fraud. Besides, the spike in lateral movement attacks has shown that hackers are turning unprotected networks into gateways for targeted attacks on businesses.

With regards to share of incidents, hospitality ranked third, with 13% of cybersecurity breaches taking place within this industry.
- Trustwave Global Security Report 2020

The consequences of such security incidents range from reputational damage to millions due in insurance payments, mitigation measures, and ransoms. Therefore, investing in proper data security can benefit both the consumer, as well as the business from loosing profits.

How can DuskRise help?

Our platform empowers threat analysts with extremely granular information about what is happening at the edge of the corporate network. At the same time, the intelligent AI tools integrated into the DuskRise solution allow threat analysts to automate operations, while maintaining the same level of precision and efficiency.

Automate data analysis

Augment your capabilities with advanced analytics to reduce the amount of time your team needs to process massive amounts of data and distil critical insights.

Gain visibility 

Gain visibility into the network edge to understand and manage emerging threats. Control the modern distributed network to prevent threats with blazing-fast speed.

Sync your security stack to the new strategic priorities

Acquire intelligent tools that will help you transition to a fully efficient and simplified security management for your hybrid workforce.