The age of digital learning

Fully remote and hybrid teaching modes have increased educational institutions’ vulnerability to cyber threats. 

An Italian university decided to adopt the Cluster25 threat intelligence platform to improve the security of its digital learning process. With the increase in cyber threats and the vulnerability of educational institutions to breaches, the university found it necessary to implement more advanced security measures to protect the information and resources of its students and faculty.

Using Cluster25, the university can constantly monitor its network to detect cyber-attacks and prevent them before they can cause damage. In addition, the platform provides tools to identify risks and improve the institution's security posture.

By adopting Cluster25, the university can offer its students and faculty a safe and secure digital learning environment, reducing the risk of cyber breaches and attacks.

Fully remote and hybrid teaching modes have increased educational institutions’ vulnerability to cyber threats. This implies higher risk for intellectual property and new fraud scenarios during online exams that require remote desktop control.

When remote online education enters into the conversation most minds go to the student teacher experience. Online courses, E-currciulum, test navigation, etc. Though this is the main revenue of these institutions, it fails to factor in the other side of higher education moving to a hybrid model, the staff. 

92% of higher education institutions identified breaches or attacks in the past 12 months.
- "2022 Cyber Security breaches Survey"

Higher education is presumed to be on the cutting edge of information, tasked with informing the next generation of talent in the workforce. However in the wake of the pandemic most were reminded of a much needed IT infrastructure upgrade.

With most educational applications tied into the cloud, having log-in, authentications, and their own security posture, institutions may feel as if they are protecting their students. However filling in the gap of home network protection is the missing piece of protecting your staff's information and institutional network. 

Enabling secure digital education

Powered by AI algorithms and in-house cyber threat intelligence, DuskRise enables educational institutions to create a secure and efficient learning environment.